Benchmark test

Embark on your GCB journey by kick-starting it with our benchmark test, an evaluation of your mechanical prowess. Afterward, our head coach meticulously analyzes your results to match you with a dedicated personal coach, specifically chosen to address your weaknesses, align with your preferences, and complement your level of experience.


Upon enrollment, you'll immediately gain access to our vast network of thousands of competitive students. This extensive community provides you with the opportunity to discover teammates, engage in tournaments, and partake in exciting group events. Moreover, we offer an exclusive GCB league complete with drafts, tryouts, and competitive seasons organized by rank, allowing you to connect with our community through friendly competition!

Kick off call

When you become a part of our program, your journey begins with an exciting Kick-Off Call. Here, your personal coach will dive into your goals, dissect the findings from your benchmark test, and unveil the customized 12-week plan meticulously tailored to help you achieve your goals.


Throughout your 12-week experience, you'll engage in biweekly sessions with your dedicated coach, where you'll analyze your gameplay replays and actively participate in dynamic training modules aimed at refining your in-game skills and decision-making. In addition to these scheduled calls, you'll have exclusive access to a private chat channel with your coach, providing you with an open line of communication for any questions or guidance you may seek, at any time.

Custom training

Your personal coach will deliver weekly check-ins designed to optimize your training efficiency and expedite your progress. These check-ins will include tailor-made assignments, empowering you to concentrate on specific areas of improvement between coaching sessions, ensuring that every moment contributes to your accelerated growth

Live events

At the GCB, our calendar is brimming with engaging live group training events that not only foster community interaction but also provide a lively platform for players to enhance their skills alongside friends. Join in, pose questions, and make it a weekly tradition to refine your mechanical prowess in an enjoyable and interactive environment!

Video lessons

We provide an extensive library of over 50 educational videos, available to you at your convenience. What's more, you'll enjoy a lifetime pass to any additional video content we introduce in the future, ensuring that your learning journey extends far beyond your program duration.

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