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Platinum 3 to Grand Champ

It's been an amazing experience for me in the GCB. I've met so many amazing people in this community that I've learned alot from. Not even to mention the top tier coaching I've gotten that has boosted my progression astronomically



Champ 1 to Grand Champ

For a long time, I was struggling in Champ, suffering with poor rotational play and just downright struggling with my own performance. Within a month and a half on this course, I've turned it around with the help from the GCB and my own personal coach.



Gold 3 to Diamond 3

My experience in the GCB was primarily one of direction. I came into this, a struggling plat 1 of 30 hours of game time, hoping to improve, but unsure how. After I took the dive with coach Puf, he gave me direction into what to train, and when to train it. Since then, as I'm approaching 100 hours of game time, I'm Diamond 3 on a winning streak, I've managed to win games at C3 level, playing with a C3 teammate, and I'm proud. In 1 season's time, I've come so far, and it's all thanks to not just my coach, but the people and resources of the GCB.



Diamond 2 to Champ 3

I can tell you, at the end of the 12 weeks, anytime I load into the game and find a match, the way I view the game has completely changed thanks to the GCB. The community is so well rounded with a constant chat of people looking for partners for ranked. Overall, my time with GCB has been wonderful. With my schedule even being on the low end and not having a ton of time to devote myself to the game and the GCB, my rank still went from, Diamond 2, to Champ 3 thanks to this program. As long as you put in the time and try your best and use the program to the best of its capabilities, Grand Champ is a very achievable thing. Just gotta put in those hours, and grind the things that will actually help you. I really hope to see more people in the program.



Platinum 3 to Champ 1

I've been a part of the Grand Champ Bootcamp for 4 weeks currently and I have gone from plat 3 to Champ 1 already. My coach FreaKi has been amazing and all the content has been a massive help in achieving my goals. It's not just one on one coaching, there is a ton of resources to choose from, even live group training sessions/coaching on specific mechanics every week which has helped me grow exponentially.



Diamond 2 to Champ 2

The GCB has been a ride. I very muchly appreciate the amount of options to train. The community is my favorite part because you can find people from all ranks to play with and learn from. The coaching sessions are awesome and the coaches always find a way to help me get better at the game. For someone who is heavily competitive, it's so nice to be surrounded by a bunch of sweats lol that I can compete with and have fun at the same time. The In House leagues have taught me so much about 3's that I now play 3's more.



Champ 1 Grand Champ 1

You can get a coaching program anywhere, but the GCB community is what makes the difference. From the The GCB League to random game nights in VC with the boys, there’s usually always something going on. I’ve met teammates and people I now consider very close friends just from hanging out in the server. And I got better at the game too



Champ 2 Grand Champ 1

My experience with the GCB has been an absolute blast. I joined around a year ago and I'm not going to lie, the style was alright but definitely needed some work. I've watched it grow and get better, and I personally think the current style they have now is perfect, the 1 on 1 calls with a specific coach helping you is very helpful, the events they do for the current students is insightful, and the coaches are always so nice and understanding to help. But besides that, I think the biggest thing and quite possibly the best thing about the GCB is the community and everyone in it. Everyone in the community is super nice, I've noticed many times that the higher ranks always include the lower ranks in the inhouses, or even just friendly advice and coaching advice so even if you're done with the coaching, you're still always learning more.



Champ 1  Grand Champ 1

The GCB was just a program to get better at Rocket League to me when I first got in. Very quickly I saw that I was wrong. It was not ONLY a great coaching program but was a great haven for a community with similar interest, a server with multiple great events that were incredibly inclusive to all ranks and players within. It's continued to exceed my expectations not only for a Rocket League server but as a community as a whole. An absolutely amazing time every day!!



Diamond 1 to Champ 1

My time with my coach, Comp, has specifically instilled the confidence I needed to take my game to the next level. The program has specifically given me the resources and tools to maximize the effectiveness of my time and effort in Rocket League. Every piece of the GCB adds a new layer to my game, and helps drive me to the next level. Onward to GC!

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I went through the whole GCB (undercover) as a student and was thoroughly impressed. The structure of the program, knowledge of the coaches, and strong sense of community all come together to make this an incredible resource. You won't run out of things you can work on. If you want to put in the hours to reach the top ranks of Rocket League but just don't know where to start, the GCB is, in my opinion, the best place to go.


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700,000+ subscribers

I went through the GCB and can honestly say it's THE place to get better at Rocket League. After 7 years of playing the game, I've never learned so much in a short period of time as I did during the program. My coach was a qualified pro who evaluated my skill level and developed a tailored plan for my success. Not to mention the community, training resources, and events all worked together to provide a positive path toward improvement. If you're serious about ranking up and want to put in the time, I'd recommend the GCB.


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